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26.12.2014 - Small game hunt in MS Zelezne hory (CZ) with "Camellia", "Tecs" and "Gera"
11 pheasants :o)


.12.2014 - Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Camellia" and "Tecs"


- The Year 2014 has come to an end… an year like any other ones. We have spent most of it in a companion of our girls. "Camellia" is able to run again pain free and "Tecs" has had her best performance ever in the field this season. She has received her Trail Championship title which makes us very proud. Thanks to a lucky coincidence we got our German Spaniel "Gera" to add to our pack. She has also passed all her hunting tests with flying colours.
Our year was very successful and we could not be more excited about the upcoming one – that’s why this card is little bit different than the previous ones… from us to all of our friends, supporters...
See you on PF 2015...

6.12.2014 - Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Camellia" and "Tecs"


- Duck hunt in MS Zelezne hory (CZ) with "Gera"
2 last ducks of this year :o)

.11.2014 - Small game hunt in Game park Zehusice (CZ) with "Camellia"


.11.2014 - Small game and wild boar hunt in MS Bohdanec (CZ) with "Camellia"
   20 phaesants, 2 ducks :o)


- Wonderful weekend with our girls...
two-day Hounds exam
"Gera" - III. prize, 169 points

Double CACIB Praha
"Tecs" - 1.11.2014 - excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB
           - 2.11.2014 - excellent 1, CAC


.10.2014 - "Gera" passed Tracking exam - II. prize, 64 points!


- Trip with "Tecs" and "Camellia" in Hedvicino valley


- "Gera" passed Boar trail exam - I. prize, 156 points!


.2014 - "Gera" passed Forest exam - III. prize, 258 points! New photos in her "Photogallery"!


.2014 - Great days on hunting training of Moravia-Silesian Club of pointer and setters with our girls.


.2014 - Amazing trip around the dam Seč and to the castle ruin Oheb with Camellia and Tecs...


.2014 - New photos from wonderful summer:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
     new "Photogallery Gera"
   "Photogallery together".

.2014 - our girls celebrated their Birthdays :o) Gera celebrated 5 years yesterday and Tecs 2 years today...


- Great meeting with portuguese water dogs in camp Smradavka - thanks Lenka and Viki for perfect days with you!


Another Sunday with Misa and Belli on the walking near Licomerice. Tecs and Belli and good friends :o)


- New photos from the great week with Damiolla:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Litter D"
   "Photogallery together".


- National dog show Klatovy (CZ)
"Tecs" - excellent 1


- Our new family member "Gera" :o)


.2014 - Our the most important date of the year... "Camellia" celebrates her Birthday - 8th this year yet... Have a great day our love...


.2014 - Our the best "Tecs" is now ChTr. Editions Secret For Davaroni :o)


.2014 - Another great weekend with "Tecs" and other friends :o))
Friday 9.5.2014 - BAER tests:
   "Dellior" - BAER bill. +/+
   "Tecs" - BAER bill. +/+

Saturday 10.5.2014 - Club dog show organized by Moravia-silesian pointer and setters in Slavkov u Brna (CZ)
   "Dellior" - excellent 1
   "Tecs" - very good 1
   "Damiolla" - excellent 1, CAC

Sunday 11.5.2014 - Memorial of Vaclav Vancura - German shorthair pointers's club hunting abilities exams Vykan (CZ)
"Tecs" did a great job in the field and she won I. prize, 225 points and other title CACT :o)))

I'm so proud of her!! She is my the best...



.2014 - We spent wonderful time on the Club International Field Trial organized by Moravia-Silesian Club of pointers and setters in Opatovice (CZ). The weather was great - a little bit of sun but not heat, terrain was great and everywhere were a lot of hares and pheasants. There were the best conditions for holding the hunting exams...
"Tecs" started third in our group of setters (3 gordons and she :o)), did a great job with a pheasant and got 18 points and I. price, Winner of exam, CACT and CACIT!!! SHE DID IT!! Congratulation my sweet girl, you are the best!


21.4.2014 - Pleasant Easter with our girls in the field :o)


.2014 - Nice meeting with adopted hounds near Kutna Hora...


.2014 - New photos of our girls :o)


- Other great trip with our friends near Kutna hora...



And at the same time... Puppies available out of the grand children of our "Brita" in "Gregorry's Setters" on Malta :o)


- Great job of Tecs in the field :o))


- Wonderful weekend in Wallachia and on the Club meeting with "Tecs" :o)


- Another trip on sunny Sunday - Prelouc, Semin etc.


23.2.2014 - Wonderful trip near Rabstejnska Lhota with Michaela and Belli :o)


- Lot of fun with our girls through the January... More in:
"Photogallery of Camellia"
"Photogallery of Tecs"
"Photogallery together"



6.1.2014 - We spent a pleasant time with Rossi on Christmas and have a nice shot from this meeting...


After calm New Year celebrations we had a succesfull 1st day in 2014 - we hunted 3 birds (turtledoves) and Tecs was excited by this! Hope for the same feelings for the whole this year :o))


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