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News 2013

31.12.2013 - see you on PF 2014

30.12.2013 - we spent a wonderful half of year and from whole this time we have many very nice pics and experiences... More on new photos in photogalleries:
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery together"
   "Photogallery Rossi"

- we had 100 000th visitor today! It is only 11 days after our 10th years anniversary of our website :o) THANKS EVERYBODY!


- Severe socialization Friday with Tecs in Prague...

25. - 28.10.2013
- Severe socialization weekend with "Tecs" and "Cari" like as an accompaniment and relaxation Monday with both of them :o)



- Editions Secret For Davaroni aka "Tecs" - healthy tests


25.9. - 4.10.2013
- Fantastic holiday in paradise in Czech mountains Beskydy with our girls...


- Memorial Josefa Luxe (CZ) - competition of hunting abilities for experienced dogs
   "Tecs" - III. prize, 180 points


- Regional Dog Show Prague (CZ)
   "Tecs" - excellent 1, Junior Class Winner, The second best Young Female of the show!!
News in "Further achievements"...


- New photos in:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"
Thanks Tonda Halla, Katka Frankova!

- we spent fantastic days on the training course organized by Moravia-silesian Club of pointer and setters in Cejc in South Moravia. This days were closed by Club hunting abilities exam where "Tecs" was entered. She did excellent work in the field and got full 228 points, I. price, title CACT and the title CLUB WINNER OF HUNTING ABILITIES EXAM. I'm absolutely proud of her, she was praised by everywhere and was very skilfull... She was the best! There started our "Dellior Tapio Davaroni", he got 192 points, I. price and fulfill the conditions for breed - now he is STUD DOG!!! Congratulation and thanks!!


- other perfect weekend with "Camellia" and "Tecs" with my friend Lenka and her Viki in Blansko. Saturday we went to pleasant trip from Velka Klajdovka in Brno to Bilovice through forest. There were 13 dogs and Tecs went by tran and trolley the first time.


We spent fantastic Sunday only with Lenka and Viki on trip around Blansko by observation of the playing of Tecs and Viki :o) They were fantastic...


This weekend we were on trip in Boretice and went to tower Kravi hora again :o)


- we spent beautiful time near Plzen last weekend! With "Tecs" and "Camellia" we visited the mountain Ovci vrch, the castle ruin Svamberk and was together whole through weekend. It was very nice hot weekend in the west of our republic...


- "Tecs" - just 1 year today :o)) Happy Birthday my dear...


- we spent a great time with our "Brita's" granddaughter and her owners two weeks ago. Arizona Heremon ("Ch. Comea Marrone Davaroni" x ICh. Silver Fog Velure) visit us because of grooming for her dog show. She played with our "Tecs" very nice :o) Arizona won excellent 1, Winner of class, Regional winner. Congratulation!!!


- fantastic reunion of Portuguese water dogs in the Czech Paradise, super trip to the ruins of Rotštejn and Pantheon, tower Klokočná; lots of swimming, playing with dogs, barbecue... We all enjoyed it!


- International dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - Junior class, judge Tamara Sarmont (BY)
   "Tecs" - excellent 2


4.-7.7.2013 - Great vacation in the Lusatian Mountains with perfect trip to Jested, nature reserve Big Lime and Krystofovo valley. We enjoyd a ride on a horse-drawn carriage :o)



- International dog show Brno (CZ) - open class, judge Ludek Müller (CZ)
   "Dellior" - excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB

- We have a great spring with our fantastic girls... Tecs is growing up very quickly and she is prettier and prettier every day... At the same time she is very skilful in her work in the field. Quality of her nose is wonderful! It proves found little roe in high Oilseed long distance from us. "Tecs's" new photos are in "her photogallery" and with "Camellia" in "Fotogallery together".


- Perfect weekend in Konstantinovy lazne (CZ)


- Welcome our new member - "rescue Rossi"... She lives with my mum :o)

- Thanks for new photo of Decorion Tuli Davaroni - 3 years...


- Happy Birthday "Litter C", primarily our "Camellia" - 7 years :o)
   New photos in "Photogallery litter C" and "Photogallery Camellia"


13.5.2013 - Our perfect training in the field :o)


- T.A.N. - test of inborn abilities - Club of Brittany Spaniel near Konopiste (CZ)
"Tecs" - succeeded :o)


- Club dog show Moravia-Silesian Club - Slavkov u Brna (CZ) - judge Tatjana Urek (SLO)
"Dellior" - Excellent 1, CAC


- Hunting abilities competition - Dolní Dunajovice (CZ) organized by Breton Club
   "Tecs" - I. prize, 204 points


- sunny and rainy trip to Iron Mountain - Licomerice with both my sweeest girls...


- pleasant meeting with gordon setters "Neverending Grace" :o)


- New photos in:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery Camellia"


- "Tecs" became the MISS - she began her season...

- Fantastic playing and working time with her friend Lency


.4.2013 - Spring meeting of young hunting dogs - Praha (CZ)
   "Tecs" - 60 cms :o) Today she celebrated 8 months of age


- Fantastic trip to castle garden Lednice :o) New photos in:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery together"


- Wonderful trip in Hedvika's valey in Kankovy hory with both my girls. "Tecs" pointed the old hare, "Camellia" ducks on the river :o) My sweet hunters :o)


- The spring is here!! We enjoy it with our girls! They are absolutely pretty, isn't they? :o) New photos of "Tecs" in her 7 months in "Photogallery Tecs".
   Winter new photos on page of our Sir of "Litter D" - "Leo".


5.3.2013 - "Tecs" is going to celebrating 7 months tomorrow!


.3.2013 - Happy 8th Birthday "litter B"!!

.2.2013 - fantastic vaccation near Lipno (South Bohemia) through all last week :o)


- Happy 3rd Birthday "litter D"!!

- Congratulation Conny, Karen and Greg for results of "Tecs's" father "Garrett":
- he became the CHAMPION
- he underego some healthy tests: HD A, ED A, Thyroid normal, BAER bill. +/+, all teeth.
His daughter "Tecs" is absolutely fanastic puppy girl, actually very crazy puppy girl - see in:
   "Photogallery Tecs"
   "Photogallery together"
and her "mom Camellia" in "Photogallery Camellia".


- Happy 9th Birthday LITTER A - New photos in "Photogallery Litter A"
   We plan LITTER E - more here :o)


12.1.2013 - Wild board hunt
   We hunt one fox :o)

- Editions Secret For Davaroni - first show - National Dog Show in Brno (CZ) - Judge Ludek Müller (CZ)
   "Tecs" - very promising 1, short list in competition about the best baby of the first show day (she was 5th of 30 puppies)


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