News 2012

News 2011

31.12.2011 - Here you can find PF 2012.

- The last training in 2011 :o)


.12.2011 - Small game hunt near Brambory and Zaricany (CZ)
   26 phaesants, 5 hares, 2 foxes


- Small game hunt near Zaricany (CZ)
   12 phaesants, 4 hares


.12.2011 - Small game hunt near Semtes (CZ)
   8 phaesants, 2 hares, 2 wild boars

- New photos of our Camellia from really nice sunny Autumn training :o)
   New photos in "Fotogallery Camellia".


.11.2011 - Small game hunt in Lovcice-Starkoc (CZ)
   13 phaesants, 2 hares, 1 fox, 1 marten


- Small game hunt in Brambory (CZ)
   4 phaesants, 1 hare, 1 wild boar


.10.2011 - Autumn exam in Praha (CZ)
   "Damiolla" - 269 points, I. price

   New photos in "Fotogallery Litter D".


- Autumn exam for English pointing dogs organised 24.9.2011 in Auerbach (D)
   "Daittica" - 182 points, best work with a life duck - BIG CONGRATULATION!!

- Club dog show of Czech pointer and setter club in Litomerice (CZ)
   "Damiolla" - excellent 1, CAC


10.9.2011 - Hunting abilities test Drenice - Chrudim (CZ)
   "Damiolla" - 225 points, I. price, 3. place :o) Congratulation to perfect succes!!


- Region dog show Rybniky (CZ)
   "Damiolla" - excellent 1, Intermediate class winner, Region winner - Damiolla has her "new own page" :o)


.2011 - We spent really nice summer time in Moravia, the most in Beskydy near Lysa hora. We went to some trips (Lysa hora, Radegast, Januv hrad etc.) and visited "Ciadella" and "Comea". It was really pleasant and romantic time for us and full of running for "Camellia" and "Largo" :o)


.2011 - Our hunting holiday with dogs :o)


.2011 - International dog show Intercanis Brno (CZ)
   "Dellior" - excellent 1, CAJC


-  "Daittica's" new photos in "Photogallery litter D" are evidence of skilfull of our little girl :o) She passed other exam - Pair search of young setters by Pointer and setter club Germany. She got 67 points :o) She is prepared to Autumn exams of pointing dogs now. Sorrow, she isn't usable in the breed and we looking for new home for her. The best her new home is in family of hunter! She is perfect young blue belton girl, skilfull, with perfect hunting abilities... Please, "contact us" in the case of your interest!


.5.2011 -  huge celebration of birthday of our "Brita" (in memory), our dearest "Camellia Brilanti" and all her sisters and brothers "Ciadella Bianca", Campanella Orea, "Comea Marrone", "Cabritillo Nuez", "Corrone Glance", Carniere Palla and "Coral Vialle" (in memory too)! We duplicated this impressive Date of our wedding :o) Changes in Contact and some photos here...


.5.2011 - Damiolla Tuike Davaroni
- HD A
- BAER bill. +/+

.2011 - Club show of English pointing dogs in Slavkov u Brna (CZ)
   "Dellior" - excellent 2


.2011 - this spring is really nice. "Camellia" is happy on the field, we are happy with her there :o) You may see her new photos in "Photogallery Camellia" and the best in the "index" too. She undergo some medical examination in the last time with following results:
- BAER bill. +/+
- thyroid - normal
- DCM - normal.

We decided about her last Litter - we'd like to have her daughter at home so we are enjoy to Autumn / Winter 2011. More info about planned puppies you may find in the "Litter E".

.4.2011 - other perfect news about "Litter D" are about "Dellior Tapio Davaroni" - his HD and ED are A!!! Congratulation!!!


.4.2011 - "Daittica Ihana" has really successful April! She was on Gordon setter Club Germany Weekend at the beginning of April, after it she was in hunting exam of Large Münsterland pointing dog's Club with perfect results!! The first, she got excellent 2 in the Club show - judge was president of Czech pointer-setter Club. She passed two exams - GS Club hunting abilities exam for young dogs (VAP) with 70 Points, II. price and International Derby - Solo to 10 Points, it's III. price. Other - Large Münsterland Club's exam for young dog (VJP) is really important for hunting dog in Germany - dog must track of hare and bark. Daittica passed this discipline successfully with 7 points and at this exam got 67 points - II. price!!! We are SOOOO PROUD of our nice and skilfull Daittica!!! Congratulation for her and her perfect owners!! Biggest thanks... You may see Daittica on new photos in "Fotogallery Litter D".

- "Largo" celebrate 5th birthday - congratulation!!! New photos in his "Photogallery".


- National dog show in Ostrava (CZ)
   "Dellior" - excellent 1
   "Camellia" - very good 2

   New photos in "Fotogallery Litter D".


- Damiolla Tuike spent ten days' holiday in our kennel. I groomed her, we went on a walking or field training daily. She is really sweet girl, skilfull and intelligent. Her character is very similar like her mother "Camellia", she has the same type of coat like father "Leo". Damiolla is slight, with good angulation, wide chest, good upper line, fine female head and really well-balanced. We are proud of her! Thanks for wonderful experiences! Today we set out on trip with our friend Lenka and her flat coated retriever Black. More Damiolla's photos in "Photogallery Litter D".


2011 - we are really proud of Daittica's success in CACIB show in Munich. CONGRATULATION!!!
   19.3.2011 - CACIB Munich (D) - excellent 1, Anw. Dt. Jug. Ch. VDH,
VDH-Landesjugendsieger Bayern!


.2011 - Welcome Spring!!


.2011 - new photo of Bellany Star Davaroni here :o)


.2011 - Happy 6 th Birthday "Litter B"!!!


- New photos in "Photogallery litter D".

2011 - Ciadella's shows:
   5.2.2011 - DUOCACIB Brno (CZ) - excellent 1, CAC
   6.2.2011 - DUOCACIB Brno (CZ) - very good

.2.2011 - Happy 1 st Birthday "Litter D"!!! We are really proud to "Daittica", Damiolla, Deriya, Decorion, "Dellior" and Diorea and hope to the best experiences with their owners!


2011 - Daittica's shows:
   5.12.2010 - CACIB Wells (A) - very good 2
   16.1.2011 - CACIB Nürnberg (D) - excellent 3


- Happy 7 th Birthday "Litter A"!!!
- New photos in "Photogallery litter A"


.1.2011 - Small game hunt in Talin (CZ)
   363 phaesants


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