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31.12.2010 - Here you can find PF 2011.

.12.2010 - Small game hunt in pheasatry Troubky (CZ)
   196 phaesants, 58 hares, 5 guinea - hen, 1 impeyan pheasant


.12.2010 - Small game hunt in Brno - Chrlice (CZ)
   84 phaesants, 88 hares


.12.2010 - Hunt in Hrabesin (CZ)
   35 phaesants, 6 wild boars, 1 hare


- Small game hunt in Hosteradky - Resov (CZ)
   39 phaesants, 76 hares


- Small game hunt in Zidlochovice (CZ)
   102 phaesants, 32 hares, 2 ducks


.11.2010 - Small game hunt in Talin (CZ)
   219 ducks, 113 phaesants


.11.2010 - Huge autumn successes of Daittica Ihana Davaroni
   - 4.9.2010 - National dog show Pienzenau (D) - very promissing in puppy class
   - 29.10.2010 - Autumn Talent and breed exam for young pointers and setters Hilpolstein (D) - Winner with 75 points!!
   - Dattica has new page in "Successful Davaronis"

Setter meeting in Krizanov (CZ)


.9.2010 - National dog show Brno (CZ)
   "Dellior" - very promissing 2


.2010 - New photos in
   Photogallery Litter D


.2010 - New photos from surrounding area of our new home


.2010 - New photos in
   Photogallery Litter C

.7.2010 - New photos in
Photogallery Litter A
Photogallery Litter C
Photogallery Litter D

- Intercanis - International dog show Brno (CZ) - 19.6.2010
   "Dellior" - very promissing 2


.2010 - Added last photos of Brita in "Photogallery of Brita" in our new home - now we are living on new place and have "NEW ADRESS"!!!



.5.2010 - Happy birthday "Camellia" and "Litter C" - 4 years and "Brita" - 10 years!!! Congratulation!!!


.2010 - training in the fields with our bitches - New photos in „Photogallery Camellia


15.5.2010Pointer and setter club show Panenske Brezany (CZ)
   "Ciadella" - very good

8.5.2010 - Happy birthday - 3 months of D puppies :o) New photos in „Photogallery Litter D


14.4.2010 - "Largo" celebrate 4 years of age! Happy birthday!


5.4.2010 - our puppies are spending their last days at our home. They are big dogs now, prepared to discover the big wide world. They have all the necessary vaccination, tattoos and a lot of stamps in their papers. The new owners have been looking forward to these days for an endlessly long time and now their moment is here... some of our puppies are on their way, we have news that they are perfectly all right. Before the puppies left, we hat great visitors - daddy Leo's owners from Finland, Kaisa and Kimmo, came to see us. We spent some great days with them and we really enjoyed it. They got to know czech culture and the hunting method of czech setters. We thank everybody, who took part in these activities, including Ciadella's family. Of course, we could not forget the necessary photographing of the puppies. I think that "the single and the group photos" are very good this time. Thanks to Kaisa and Kimmo for the presents for the puppies and also for their help with bringing Diorea to Finland, their father's country of birth. You can find more information on the puppies' new families and their future plans on the page of "Litter D". All of the new owners fulfill our dreams, we could not have found better ones. Now it is their time to enjoy our active madcaps :o)).


26.3.2010 -  Puppies are really skilful - they can walk up the stairs, had dog's collars for the first time, slept in the kennel in muggy weather. HOT news is Camellia has liver belton gene where inherited Dariya too. Next weekend they leave to new homes... New photos in "Photogallery".


.2010 - Our puppies looks like real setters :o) Their coat is very very long and somewhere dange out itself... Puppies had meeting with our Largo and visited for a few minutes our yard in this week. They are very curious and want be here still. But the weather isn't ideal yet. They live their life fully!! Their new photos you may see "here".


13.3.2010 - Our dad Yavanna's Kariya Cenhamn had super success in the National dog show in Polvijärvi (FI), judge was Riitta Lahtovaara. Leo got excellent, won his class, was Best Male, got CAC and finally was Best of Sex! Owners were so happy and so proud of their boy! He was SO full of energy on that show and everybody said that it was funny to watch such a happy and energetic boy :o) Huge congratulation to Kaisa and Kimmo!! We are happy with you!!!


8.3.2010 - our puppies celebrated one months of their life :o) They are crazy but skilful and inteligent. Their new photos you may see "here".


1.3.2010 - The last week was very exciting for our puppies - their eyes, ears and paws start to work properly and the teeth appeared in their mouths. For the first time they tasted some other food than mum's milk. They like pap very much and their intelligence can be seen alright - they don't put their paws into the bowl, only their head, and they tried to lick it right from the beginning (some almost drowned in the pap :o))). The puppies are very curious, they develop their intelligence and their skills outside the nursing box and they are interested in new things. They like being with us, they want to be hugged and they use their tails to communicate with us and with each other, they try to shake, to scratch their ears and to play. New photos in "Photogallery Litter D".


22.2.2010 - New photos in "Photogallery Litter D".


14.2.2010 - "D puppies" are celebrating first week of their life. They are really nice, forceful and wonderful! Damiolla and Dellior will be strong dark blue belton, Diorea the most light :o) All are doing well still, their mother Camellia takes care about them very well... Their actually photos you may find "here".

10.2.2010 - "Camellia" and "Leo" are proud parents! Puppies were born on 8th February 2010 - four bitches and two dogs are doing well, their mother Camellia too :o) As usual, we have uncovential names for them (thanks Kaisa for your help!). Details in "D Litter" and in "Photogallery of Litter D".


7.2.2010 - DuoCACIB Brno (CZ)
"Ciadella" - excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

6.2.2010 - DuoCACIB Brno (CZ)
   Arizona Heremon (Comea Marrone Davaroni x Silver Fog Velure) - promissing
   "Ciadella" - very good


11.1.2010 - "Leo" - father of our "Litter D" was at International dog show in Kajaani (FI). He got excellent 2  in Open class - judge Anca Giura from Romania. Congratulation Kaisa and Leo (for him many kisses too :o)) ).

5.1.2010 - "Camellia" is gravid :o) Our veterinary done SONO her today and we had reccomended expectance of puppies!



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