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News 2009

17.12.2009 - Here you can find PF 2010.

16.12.2009 - We had very nice Christmas Trip to Finland :o) Camellia was service by Leo successfully... More in "short report".

28.11.2009 - Small game hunt in Nasedlovice (CZ)
   18 phaesants


3.11.2009 - Cogratulation "Leo" to sucessful days in last month!! Leo found and pointed the wood grouse and together with hunter they have another quarry :o)


4.10.2009 - New photos on "Yavanna’s Kariya Cenhamn" page - Sire of our planned "Litter D".

30.9.2009 - New summer photos in:
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Largo"
   "Photogallery Brita"
   "Photogallery Litter C"
   "Together photogallery"
and new photo on "Main page"!


19.9.2009 - We spent beautiful day in Heremon kennel! "Our grandchildren" are beautiful, advanced for shows, sappy and some puppies find new home yet! You may "contact us" or "Heremon kennel" if you're interested!


.2009 - Duck hunt in Osova (CZ)
   188 ducks


.8.2009 - Autumn exam in Nupaky (CZ)
   "Camellia" - I. prize, 272 points


16.8.2009 - great news from Finland! Sire of our planned "Litter D" - "Yavanna’s Kariya Cenhamn" got excellent 1, CAC and he was Reserve Best Male in Breed  at all breed dog show in Joensuu - Swedish judge Göran Bodegård!!! Congratulation Leo and Kaisa!!!

.8.2009 - our Brita is grandmother for the first time! In Heremon kennel were born five males and six females :o) Congratulation to Comea and Velure! More and news in


3.8.2009 - "Camellia" was enunciated as a 4th best working british pointing dog  and 6th best british pointing dog on shows  by "Slovakia pointer and setter club" for the year 2008!! She is on the FIRST places in both competitions in the race English setter.
At the same time she represented Davaroni kennel in the Yearbook of "English setter association in United Kingdom".


15.7.2009 - we discovered our dream Sire for our puppies - "Yavanna’s Kariya Cenhamn". More information in "Litter D"!!!

9.7.2009 - "Largo" is officially "Champion International de Beauté"


6.7.2009 - Club special water exam in Hodonin (CZ)
"Largo" - II. prize, 75 points


22.6.2009 - "Camellia" is officially "Champion of Slovakia"

16.6.2009 - New photos in:
   "Photogallery Camellia"


1.6.2009 - "Largo" is officially "Champion of Austria"

28.5.2009 - Happy birthday "Camellia" and "Litter C" - 3 years and "Brita" - 9 years!!! Congratulation!!!


23.5.2009 - Talent exam in Prostejov (CZ)
"Ciadella" - I. prize, 209 points

17.5.2009 - Pointer and setter club show Dunajsky Klatov (SK)
"Camellia" - excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner SKPS 2009


.2009 - Memorial Vaclava Vancury - Talent exam in Celakovice (CZ)
   "Camellia" - I. prize, 218 points, CACT


9.5.2009 - Pointer and setter club show Slavkov u Brna (CZ)
   "Ciadella" - very good 3

8.5.2009 - "Comea" is oficially Champion of Slovakia

4.4.2009 - International Dog Show Wieselburg (A)
   "Largo" - excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB

28.3.2009 - National Dog Show Nitra (SK)
   "Camellia" - very good 1
   "Comea" - excellent 1, CAC, BOB
   "Largo" - excellent 1, CAC


22.3.2009 - thanks to cooperation with Mrs. Katka Koczkasova, in these days are publishing two postcards with our sweet setter girls "Brita" and "Camellia". You can buy it at


4.3.2009 - Today we reached 50 000 visitors of our web site! Thank you!!

19.2.2009 - New photos in:
   "Photogallery Largo"

8.2.2009 - Duo CACIB Brno (CZ)
"Ciadella" - very good 2

7.2.2009 - Duo CACIB Brno (CZ)
"Ciadella" - excellent 2


5.2.2009 - Few nice pictures from short trip with "Brita" and "Ciadella" you can find "there"

24.1.2009 - International dog show Trencin (SK)
   "Comea" - excellent 2

2.1.2009 - New photos with our Christmas gift :o) new camera Nikon D60 in:
   "Photogallery Camellia"
   "Photogallery Brita"
   "Photogallery together"



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